Minutes: April 2016

Wells Angels WI | November Meeting
Monday 4th April 2016

Note of Meeting

Chair: Kate Sims (Vice President) and Julia Mortimore (Vice President)

1. Our April meeting was a talk from Guerrilla Gardener Richard Reynolds, who treated us to a fascinating and inspiring insight into his love of transforming neglected urban spaces with plants and flowers.

Before he took the floor, KS and JM introduced a small amount of official business:

2. The Secretary’s Table was introduced as a means of passing on information sent to us from local and national Federation to our members. KS highlighted in particular an upcoming competition to create a ‘Brasket’ using old bras transformed into a hanging basket, and also highlighted the amazing courses on offer at Denman College should any of our members like to book them.

3. JM informed that the next meeting would be a talk by Samantha Roddick and that the raffle would be themed around ‘pleasure’.

4. JM informed members that we were not required to hold an official AGM at our next (May) meeting but informed members that we would instead be circulating an anonymous survey to allow them to feedback on how things are running so far.

NB – since the meeting we have since discovered that an AGM will in fact need to take place at our May meeting and members have been informed via email. Samatha Roddick’s talk on pleasure is being rescheduled.