Minutes: November 2015

Wells Angels WI | November Meeting
Monday 9 November 2015

Note of Meeting

Chair: Hanna Sorrell (President)

HS welcomed   all members, to our first official meeting as Wells Angels WI.

Special thanks were given to Rosemary Pearson, our District Advisor. Rosemary has guided us through the set up process, and this was her last meeting assisting.

Thanks to Milly, Harriet and Lucy for help setting up, and Viv for lovely flowers.

Also, happy birthday to Becky Cradick, and many thanks for all fabulous cake.

HS and Sarah Bridger (SB) signed the official WI Rules. This now means Wells Angels are officially established, and everyone who has signed up to the group, will be counted as a ‘Founder Member’ [the 4 copies of the Rules will be distributed to national, district office, one for bank use and one for us to keep].

HS explained that the committee had had their first meeting, last Monday. WA are reminded that we are currently operating on a shoestring, with not much time to have made November and December plans. Please bear with us!

The committee’s recommendations for sub group reps weren’t discussed in detail at the minute, but for information, they are:

Art & Craft – Caro Spinette
Home Economics – Angela Cosgrove
Kindness/Sunshine (this role particularly focuses on marking member’s birthdays, anniversaries, illness/bereavement etc) – Kate Sims/Caro Spinette
Membership Communication System (MCS) – Emma Northern
Performing Arts – Louise Bennett
Public Affairs & International (PA&I) – links into the Association of Country Women of the World – Person off committee to be appointed
Sports & Leisure – Julia Mortimore
Special Events – Angela Cosgrove
Meetings Co-ordinator  (this person will be in charge of setting up the chairs, any name badges, all refreshments.) - Person off committee to be appointed.
Monthly Profile Co-ordinator (this person will create a profile of a different member each month, to be circulated on HALO) – Kate Sims and Emma Northern
Speaker Helper – Angela Cosgrove

Community Board (each meeting will have a noticeboard – ‘Analogue HALO’ at the back of the hall, where members can share information that the group may find helpful. Subgroups can post updates here, as well as on HALO) – Caro Spinette

HS explained that there are currently 2 posts that are vacant: Public Affairs & International, and Meetings Co-ordinator. For more information/to put yourself forward for either role, please contact HS or Caro Spinette.

December party plans - HS announced that she had booked Saint John’s Yard, on St John’s Road, for 14 December, from 7.30pm, for our Christmas Party. Members are invited to bring:

An optional ‘not so’ Secret Santa gift. No more than £5 value, and to include a message inside identifying the giver, and perhaps some information/fact about yourself. It’s a great way for members to meet and get to know each other.

Mince pies.

Kate Simms (KS) is compiling a Spotify playlist of members guilty pleasures. Please drop KS a message with your choice(s) via HALO.  HS is currently in negotiations about having a welcome drink included for everybody. Tbc.

HS explained that KCMH, will be used as a homeless shelter on the second week of the month, in both January and February. The group discussed moving the venue or the meeting dates. The majority agreed a change in dates. Therefore January meeting will be 18th, and February will be 15th. Both at KCMH, 7.45pm, as usual.

January meeting plans. HS outlined the basics of the Girl Rising / 62 Million Girls / Let Girls Learn campaign. This is a worldwide organisation extolling the benefits of education for women, on so many levels. Michelle Obama and Beyonce are very closely associated with their work. By freaky coincidence, the campaign manager (usually based in New York), will be in TW this January, and HS is trying to arrange for her to speak at the January meeting. Tbc.

Remainder of 2016 programme. HS outlined the skeleton plans for 2016 meetings. Details will be confirmed in due course but meetings will be a mix of light-hearted, more social activities and heavier-hitting women-centric issues, to include:

January - Women’s Issues (Girl Rising….?)
February -Gin Tasting
March – Gardening
April - Sexual health and pleasure
May - Coffee and tea tasting / workshop (Perk & Perl?)
June - Women in Business
July - Wine tasting
August - Heritage: History of TW
October - Women’s health (Julia Mortimore elaborated, that this might take the form of a ‘TED Talk’, but for our purposes, it’ll be a ‘TIT Talk’.  Kate Malone suggested a contact of hers (Marc Pacifico, Purity Bridge), who is very knowledgeable on reconstruction, plastic surgery, post pregnancy, ageing breasts etc)

Any members with useful contacts in the above areas, or with input/ideas for future meetings, please feel free to contact HS or the committee, and pass on relevant details. Ideas can then be discussed by Committee and potentially added to our programme.

Times of Tunbridge Wells – HS explained that she had been approached by the writer of the recent article about our WI, to write a column focusing on women’s issues. The idea would be to have this written by a different member of the group each month. Members were largely supportive of this idea, although it was suggested that the Courier is a better publication, and it might sit better there. HS to discuss with National, whether this is ‘allowed’ under the official WI banner. If so, committee will work up some proposals to bring to the group. [NB – the WI have an annual ’Resolution’ campaign, which focuses on one or more particular, WI chosen issues. This/these could be subject matter(s) for at least one of the columns. More info to follow on Resolutions…..]

Correspondence – SB introduced herself as the new Committee Secretary. She explained that our group will have access to 2 publications covering official WI business:

WI Life. This is the national publication that is published 8 times a year. Once the group is officially set up at head office, members will receive copies of this via the post.

West Kent Federation Newsletter. Only the Secretary receives a copy of this publication. It will be available on the refreshment table at meetings, for information. The publication includes news from the district and information about events that other WIs are holding, and inviting other WIs to. SB will highlight relevant events/invites to members via HALO, and the meeting noticeboard. [NB. If any subgroups are holding events that wish to invite members from other WIs, we can arrange to have notices in this magazine.]

Sub-groups – HS confirmed that Caro Spinette (CS) will be the sub- group co-ordinator. Any questions or ideas for sub-groups, please direct to CS. There will be further information to follow on HALO. The meeting noticeboard (Analogue HALO) will also contain further details/events/general information.

Christmas craft extravaganza! Members were then invited to enjoy an evening of crafting and socializing, with Mulled wine (for a change). Tables included pom-pom making, felt decorations, orange pomanders, lip scrub making, Christmas card printing/making, paper star decorations, and a party clothes swishing stand.

Huge thanks to all those helping with crafts and swishing – the evening couldn’t have happened without such a massive team effort.

Details of next meeting: 7.30pm, 14th December, St John’s Yard, 66 St John’s Road, TN4 9PE.