How Does All This WI Stuff Work?

This post is by Wells Angels WI Vice President, Julia Mortimore.

So how does this all work then, this W.I stuff? How does it happen every month? Who decides what and why and when and HOW? 

The truth is, it’s a group effort and the Wells Angels Committee is the place that formulates a plan for what we’ll do for the whole year. All the ideas get thrown in, jiggled about and we see what feels right. There are 10 of us at the moment, all different, all busy and all committed to making those few hours every month worth every penny of your subs. It’s a juggling act, for sure, but it’s worth it. 

Our purpose, is to make sure you’re getting the WI you want. We follow some basic principles of trying to spin things in a more modern, women-positive and dynamic way, but essentially we are here to serve all of you. And we absolutely welcome ideas, suggestions and brainwaves on topics to curate. 

There are different roles, some bigger than others. Think of a job, we do it - from treasurers to secretaries to instagrammers to head office correspondence-sifters to wine buyers to minute-takers to newsletter-writers to subgroup-coordinators to get-to-the-hall-and-set-up-firsters. Basically there’s a bunch to be done. 

We meet once a month, normally at one of our houses and plan. And nibble. And often sip. We do have an agenda each month to keep us on track but the AnyOtherBusiness section at the end is normally the best bit. 

Some very special friendships have been born from being part of this WI and the committee is testament to that. I’ve also laughed so hard... often at times when I’d nearly forgotten what that felt like. Some of those girls are now mine for life. And no matter what life is throwing at any of us, I always feel a little better after committee meeting. That’s pure girl power. 

If you’d like to be part of the committee then you can read all the official details here and apply to be put forward at our AGM in May. The deadline for applications is Monday 9 April.