Join the Wells Angels WI Committee!

The May Annual General Meeting is almost upon us once again and that can mean only one thing... No, not just an open bar, but your chance to get involved with the Wells Angels WI Committee!

Do you love our WI and want to get involved with the behind-the-scenes work that makes the meetings, subgroups and events run smoothly whilst ticking *all* the WI rulebook boxes? Great!  

The committee is hella fun but it's also a big commitment and a lot of work. We need you to be:

  • Available to attend and, if you're able, to occasionally host meetings on the evening of the last Monday of each month
  • Enthusiastic about helping our WI run like a well-oiled machine
  • Pro-active in your approach to representing your role and carrying out all duties
  • Able to devote time outside of meetings to taking care of anything relating to your role
  • Willing to muck in and help out with the responsibilities of other members of the team
  • Great at working collaboratively with a group of amazing women

If this sounds like you, please send the following information to us via email by the end of the day of Monday 9 April, the date of our April meeting.

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • A brief biography
  • A brief summary of why you want to join the committee and what you would bring to the group
  • A photo of your lovely face! 

All nomination information will be collated into a ballot sheet so that members attending the May meeting on Monday 14 May can vote on who they would like to make up the committee for this year.