An evening with Jordan Jones


October’s Wells Angels meeting was a great one. We were lucky to have guest speaker Jordan Jones join us for an interesting talk about gender equality and engaging men in the issue.

Jordan is a pretty inspiring guy, and I was really engaged with everything he was saying, as I think we all were. It was brilliant to hear the way he talks about these kinds of issues, completely openly and honestly, and like any normal person. He’s not preachy and he conveys that we’ve all got a role to play, and lessons to learn, brilliantly.

As a group of women, our talk took on a different frame than the work Jordan does with Great Men, an incredible initiative aiming to engage men and boys and disrupt gender stereotypes.

Jordan encouraged us to consider where we each stand within this inequality, referencing the way experiences differ within different social and cultural groups, and suggested ways that we could champion this issue within our personal lives.


“Live the equality that you want to create.”


Jordan shared with us ideas on how to approach this subject with the men we know. There are resources that portray gender reversals, which are relatable and can help to give a different perspective, while calling out banter can address how the issue is ingrained on that level.

In his parting words, Jordan reiterated that we can all take an action to address the issue, if we want to. He asked us to think about what we want to do after today, and that’s something that I have done.

My chosen action is to talk to anyone that catcalls me, providing that I feel safe to do so. I spoke to Jordan about this personally, and his suggestion was to ask ‘Why did you say/do that?’. I think that approaching this in an inquisitive, non-confrontational way could actually spark a really interesting conversation that might open the floor for us all to learn something.

In conclusion, Jordan is a great, inspiring human with a lot of wisdom to share. If you ever have the opportunity to see him speak, or have him talk to the men and boys in your life, I’d absolutely encourage you to do so.