We are a dynamic Women’s Institute in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells; 120 of the finest, strongest, intelligent, enthusiastic women spanning all ages and backgrounds. We pool our collective energy and voices to make a difference for women everywhere, whilst nurturing the unique relationships that only happen when women get together.

Back in September 2015 our President, Hanna Sorrell, was on the lookout for something a little jazzier than just Jam and Jerusalem, so she spearheaded a campaign to find like-minded ladies in the town who’d be interested in an altogether more modern Women’s Institute.

Using social media, she and a couple of friends organised an exploratory meeting; hoping to attract twenty or thirty women and tell them about their vision. What happened, no one saw coming. 300 inspired ladies turned up at the meeting, queuing out the door, straining to hear what it was all about. What on earth had she started?

Since then, the group has hosted meetings covering a huge range of subjects from gin tasting and speed-dating to gender and feminism to women’s health and wellbeing. We have an active subgroup scene, host events for our district, and support local charities helping women in need.

Our membership is currently full, but we intake new members quarterly as and when spaces become available. To hear about new intakes, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

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