Nine of our eleven Wells Angels WI committee are on board for another year. They are listed below in alphabetical order and each of them shares why they'd like to continue serving our group on the committee. 

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Louise Bennett

Hey, I’m Lou. I’m a magazine journalist and a mum to two daughters and a big champion of our unique girl gang (honestly, I LOVE telling people about our WI). It saved me at a time when I was feeling very low and friendless after the birth of my second daughter and I absolutely feel it’s an organisation where the more you put in, the more you get out. And I want IN!

Wells Angels has been part of my life for three and half years now and I truly couldn’t imagine what things would be like without it. I’ve been on committee since the start and despite the hours of hard work, being able to say that I’ve had a hand in creating some of the amazing meetings makes me so proud. But I’m buzzing with so many more ideas about cool things we can do and I would love the opportunity to help make them happen.

As deputy secretary I’ve also had the epic honour of stepping into Sarah Bridger’s secretarial shoes over the last few months and whilst I’ll never be able to do as amazing a job as she does I would love to continue the good work in the Committee and step up to be full secretary. I’ve bought a pencil skirt and I’m planning on having a fling with the boss (whoever that will be after the AGM!). I’m also our Resolutions Rep helping to navigate the red tape to (hopefully) explain what is required of us to vote for the annual WI Resolution. But it’s so much more than that too. I’m often on the front line of booking speakers (and my work email address is frequently very handy for ensuring we get a response!), I’ve chaired meetings on subjects such as Women in the Media, and Women in the Workplace. I’ve adored helping to shape the way the WI works from those boring but necessary admin tasks which keep us ticking over to helping to brainstorm a kick ass program of events which will keep us all hooked.

I’m so excited about the next year we have planned and I’d really love the opportunity to help shape it into the best it can be for all you lovely people!


Louise Daniels

I’ve been on the Wells Angels WI Committee since it started. It’s a commitment but I love doing it! 

I’ve lived in Tunbridge Wells for 11 years. I’m an Antenatal Teacher for the NCT & I teach Hypnobirthing too. I volunteer for The Positive Birth Movement, providing free antenatal gatherings, support and education for pregnant mums.

So, I’m involved already in supporting local women and I know that something magical happens when we come together to share, support, learn and laugh and Wells Angels does that for local women every month.  The current Committee are totally invested in the bigger group, everyone is devoted to ensuring that Wells Angels thrives with engaging content at the monthly meetings, a nurturing community on and off line, opportunities to meet others and all the things I’ve mentioned above – sharing, supporting, learning and laughing. Wells Angels is pretty unique in my opinion and I’d like to continue contributing to that.  

I’m enthusiastic, a good team member, committed, happy to put in the extra time each month AND I organise the ‘legendary’ annual Carol Singing event! If you haven’t experienced it, come and ask me about it – it basically involves me plying you with mulled wine & nibbles at my house and then marching to the train station in high spirits to welcome commuters with cheery, festive carols to raise a shed load of cash for The Tunbridge Wells Winter Shelter last year we raised over £400 in an hour!

To be clear, if I don’t get voted back on to The Committee I’ll still host the Carol Singing because I love it! 

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Lila Dowie

Hello, I’m Lila, one of your existing committee members. I am one of the quieter members who will do anything to help and muck in. I have arranged events for our lovely group in the past, in London and closer to here, I often open up and help set up the hall for meetings (plus welcome you at signing in) and can also be found faffing with the projector and laptop for our speakers at times! 

I love and am very grateful to Wells Angels as it has given me a social group and network here (I moved here after getting divorced with my kiddo and knew no one!). I work for Demelza Children’s hospice so travel a lot around Kent and Sussex for that. I love buying local, exploring the green spaces and supporting the arts and activities in this wonderful town.

I’d like you to vote to keep me on the committee as I bring passion, commitment and a can-do attitude. I will always pitch in whether it’s going home to get an extension lead for the projector, finding an emergency venue or arranging speakers. I am really proud to be part of Wells Angels, a diverse group who foster a safe space, in meetings and online, who support each other whatever their age or issue. I look forward to (hopefully!) serving you all for the next year with the same gusto, organisation and enthusiasm as I always have. 


Lucy Ferrier

I moved to Tunbridge Wells - just for a year, mind - just over three years ago (you can see my 12 month plan worked really well). I loved living here a lot more than I thought I would, and have even bought a flat, so I'm pretty settled now! I live a few minutes' walk from the station, which is an absolute dream as I commute into London every day. I love living in the heart of town and being able to walk everywhere, and my proximity to the parks is a real highlight - I don't have a garden  so you may see me living it large in my deck chair (yassss), possibly with wine, in the Grove during the summer. I work as a Communications Manager for a global health charity, and enjoy knowing that what I do for my 9-5 helps people - especially vulnerable and marginalised communities around the world. Working in the not-for-profit sector has its "quirks" (leaky roofs, power cuts...) and it can definitely be challenging, but I wouldn't change it! In my spare time I love drawing, making stuff, films, reading, travelling as much as possible, and spending time with the awesome people in my life. I'm also trying to teach myself to sew, but this is so far an unmitigated disaster. This bio feels a bit like a dating profile, so I'm going to draw a line under it!

I have been a Wells Angel for almost two years, and joined the committee last May. I absolutely love the sense of community and (female!) solidarity in the group, and am constantly amazed at the number of strong, creative and intelligent women in our unique WI. Serving on the committee is great fun - I always leave our committee meetings with a smile, and having had a good laugh with an awesome bunch. If I'm re-elected, I'll continue to support with website-related stuff, some post-meeting blogs, assisting our lovely subgroups where needed, and whatever general dogsboddying is necessary (EVEN fighting with the tables and chairs in the church hall storeroom at the end of the meetings). For any newer members who might feel a bit anxious about walking into a room full of people, I'm always up for a friendly chat and can be relatively easily identified by my bright red hair and short stature - please don't be put off by my unintentional RBF (resting bitch face)!


Kitty Marlborough

My name is Kitty Marlborough and I have been a member of Wells Angels since the very beginning and vividly remember knowing, at that very first exploratory meeting with hundreds of women packed into the hall, that this was a group that would have a hugely positive impact on my life. This time last year I was lucky enough to be voted onto the committee as I felt that after benefitting so much from the monthly meetings, the sub groups and the fantastic friendships I have made that I wanted to help be part of the organisational efforts that keep it all functioning.

I am a fanatical cheerleader for our town. I grew up in South East London (as did everyone else who wasn’t born within a five mile radius as far as I can tell!) and my family moved here after I finished my A Levels. I visited often but went away to university and then moved back to London but I moved here permanently in my mid 20s after my dad died and it is right up there with one of the best decisions I ever made and I feel very rooted to our community. I am an Assistant Headteacher at a secondary school in North Kent (so put in many miles on the M25 every week) and being part of this fun and supportive group of women is a fantastic way to keep a strong sense of my own identity rather than giving all of myself to the work me - a very real occupational hazard.

I absolutely love being part of your committee and working with the other members to balance the offer each year to ensure that it appeals to such a fantastically diverse membership of incredible women. I am in awe of all the dedication everyone shows to make sure we have this community and even being able to communicate in small ways means a lot to me. At the moment I try and assist Marion with the finances as deputy treasurer but I am very flexible and happy to roll up my sleeves with whatever is needed. I hope to be able to continue being part of your committee!


Jules Mortimore

I work in advertising as a creative and I also take an awful lot of photographs. I'm single, child-free and live with my dog Betty Twiglet near Grove Park. Silly-passionate about streetart, crumpets, Bloody Marys, cheese and ampersands. 

As an old next door neighbour to Hanna, I was one third of the threesome that started Wells Angels back in 2015. I've been Vice Prez since then and my particular responsibilities are basically anything that needs a loud voice- yelling out the raffle numbers, getting people's attention, wrangling group discussions and hosting the yearly quiz. I also run the group Instagram account.

I think I've got another year left in me of being on the committee so if you'll still have me, I'd love to stay on!


Kate Sims

Way back in 2015, I had the profound honour of joining forces with our president, Hanna, and other VP, Jules, to help found this amazing group. When we were setting up our first Facebook event to gauge interest in starting a WI, we crossed our fingers and hoped we could get 40 women along to join us. When the meeting hall filled past capacity, we were truly in shock and now, three years later, I still feel like what we've built within this group is magic.

Since the start, I've been serving as one of our group's two vice presidents. In addition to helping to organise meetings, I also help to manage our group's membership information, send out our monthly email, and do what I can to keep things running smoothly. 

Outside official committee duties, I love attending sub groups and am especially keen on our book/podcast club as well as wine club, though I'm rarely fast enough to get a ticket.

As an American lady who had absolutely no friends in this town seven years ago, and didn't even know what a WI was, I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of inspiring, funny, whip-smart, creative, and supportive women and I would love to continue to serve the group as a committee member for another year. 


Hanna Sorrell

Hello, I'm the current president of Wells Angels. Way back in 2014 I moved to Tunbridge Wells from that London, where I'd been a member of an awesome WI group. Being new to town, and knowing not a soul, I took it upon myself to join the local WI. It wasn't quite the girl gang I was used to though, so after a little while, and having managed to befriend and rope in Kate and Jules, I decided it was time to bring a modern WI to TW, and Wells Angels was born! 

In the years since, I've loved seeing the group grow and become so much more than the sum of its parts. I am so proud to have been the one to start this gang, but it's the each and every one of the members that make it what it is.

My job as president has two sides to it: I have to know all. the. rules. and make sure we follow them, liaise with the local and national federations and keep things official. I also help to steer the ship in the direction that the members want it to go in, making sure that we're providing the best speakers, the funnest activities and the inclusive environment that makes our group so damn awesome.

I'd love to stay on the committee for another year, though I’ll be stepping down as Prez.



These three members have put themselves forward to be voted onto the committee. They are listed here in alphabetical order and each of them has shared why they want to join the Wells Angels WI committee. 


Sioban Adams

I’m a full-time working mum of 2 teenager girls and am rapidly greying;  I’m sure there’s a scientific link!  I’ve lived in Tunbridge Wells since 1997 and work for an asset manager locally in Product Delivery, meaning I run projects on our funds.

I enjoy singing in our work choir and going to the gym & spinning.  I am Vice Chair of the TWGGS PTA and am also a Mental Health champion at work.  I also do chauffeuring in the evenings - oh sorry, that’s unpaid and is just for my girls.

I’m a founder member of Wells Angels.  At the very first meeting I was one of those who put their hands up to join the committee - so the interest has been there from the start.  I’m keen for members to get to know one another, hence starting up Chinwag.  I enjoy being busy & find it hard to sit on my hands.  I don’t have any whizzy social media skills (partly because I’m too old to be a Millennial) or super-duper interviewing skills but I am not one to shy away from getting stuck in; it’s part of who I am. 


Gemma Finnegan

I moved to almost-Tunbridge Wells (a.k.a. Crowborough) nearly four years ago. Before that I was a Londoner for 16 years, and before that I was from Up North. I’ve worked as an actor, an office manager, a primary school teacher, a nursery manager and am about to start training to be a Forest School leader. I’m hoping this last career will stick. I’m married to a teacher and have two children, aged six and four. I like reading (I’m reading my 19th novel of 2019), yomping about in the open air and learning things. I also like crafting but I never seem to get time to do it. Probably because I’m too busy reading and/or dealing with small children. I was on Blockbusters when I was 19, but was soundly beaten by a duo who went on to win a trip to the Maldives. I’m still bitter about this. My favourite colour is International Klein Blue. I am allergic to avocados. I love our WI and go on about it to anyone who will listen.

As I mentioned, I love Wells Angels. It is so wonderful to be able to spend time with interesting and interested women. I am super keen to become involved in helping to run our WI, and would bring my ideas as well as my time and energy to ensure that it went from strength to strength. I really enjoyed being chair at the meeting on 8th April with the author Catherine Grey, and would love the opportunity to do more of the same in the future.


Katy Salter

I'm a freelance food writer and editor. I grew up in Tunbridge Wells, left for the bright lights of London like most of my school friends, and then moved back 6 years ago to find a more exciting town than the one I grew up in (craft beer! coffee shops! Wells Angels!). I live in St Johns with my husband and two young children.

I joined Wells Angels two years ago. I want to join committee to help welcome new members into our girl gang. Joining a sub group (book club in my case) can really make your WI experience and help you to connect with members on a smaller scale, so I want to encourage members to get involved in the sub groups as well as the meetings.